Graphic identity created for Audiotrópico – a Latin jazz band – based on the polyphonic and improvisational style that characterizes the band. These concepts are taken from the realm of music to the realm of graphic design using the surrealist illustration technique, “exquisite corpses,” where a group of words and images are assembled spontaneously. The resulting images are now the trademark of the band.
Client: Santiago Briceño | Bogotá, Colombia.
The work was created collaboratively with two other graphic designers, Santiago Palacios and Santiago Ramos, in a graphic identity workshop led by Andrea Artunduaga. It was then continued and completed for the client Santiago Briceño (vocalist and guitarist of the band). This project was nominated for the 2008 Lapiz de Acero award (award given by the magazine, “Proyecto Diseño” for the best in Colombian design) in the category of “visual identity” and “graphic labels.”  It won the award that year for best visual identity.