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Fridom & Revolution

This project is a tribute to inspirational and legendary woman. Frida Kahlo and Nina Simone are just the beginning of a larger series. Their names or the names of their pieces have been changed to create a new meaning. These images were silkscreened on shirts and bags.


Hip Bags



Summer dress




Logo and phone aplication design. This application is a tool to help facilitate the job searching and hiring of employees for the hotel and restaurant industries. The triangles represent the two way commitment made between employees and employers to have a successful result. Client: Iván Castañeda y Daniel Miranda | Bogotá, Colombia. This project is […]

Cassete wallets

What function do cassette tapes have today? If they are rarely used to play music, why not turn them into pieces that function to hold things? Each piece is unique in its use of color and cloth.

Viviana & Benjamin

Viviana and Benjamin wanted a simple surprise for the invitations to their wedding. The envelopes are hand made with artisanal paper and they balance the simplicity of the card inside. Client: Viviana Gonzales y Benjamin Joubert | Bogotá, Colombia.

Generazione 10

Generation 10 is a fictional Italian political party that supports, “Equal rights and opportunities for couples of all sexual orientations when adopting children.” Starting from this theme, six different political posters whose design is developed using different types of commonly used paper. Each of the different posters has a different theme that is related to […]


The symbols of war that surround us are innumerable; tired of constant militaristic messages, the meaning of soldiers of war was transformed by arming them with something different. On October 2nd, 2015, the day of the referendum in Colombia on whether to adopt the peace accord, the Colombian embassy in New York was bombarded with […]


Krups vendors needed a tool to help them rapidly look up to the products they were selling and its specifications. A catalog was developed that pictures all of the products on the first two pages, followed by each product detailed on its own separate page. Client: Group SEB | New York, New York. This project […]

Andrea & Enrico

A Colombian, Andrea, and an Italian, Enrico, decided to have a second wedding in Colombia after getting married the year before in Italy. The sky and hearts unite them across these two countries, and a postal was the best way to get the message to both countries. Client: Andrea Albarracín y Enrico Quaroni | Bogotá, […]

Inversiones Bibo

Inversiones Bibo is a company dedicated to the the construction of houses and offices.  Their work combines a love of design with a focus on the well being of the people who live and work in their buildings.  Their web page reflects these values in its simplicity and user friendliness. Client: Inversiones Bibo | Bogotá, […]


Graphic identity created for Audiotrópico – a Latin jazz band – based on the polyphonic and improvisational style that characterizes the band. These concepts are taken from the realm of music to the realm of graphic design using the surrealist illustration technique, “exquisite corpses,” where a group of words and images are assembled spontaneously. The resulting […]

Hammer in the morning

This is a New York based musical project led by Mark Webb. The image of the guitar is composed of screws, nails, and other building materials representing the power of music to construct positive social change. The image was used as an album poster that accompany downloadable music cards. Client: Mark Webb | New York, New […]


The brochure, “Clases de Sushi” is composed of 5 detachable postcards that contain relevant information about what can be learned in the sushi classes offered by the restaurant Osaki to its clientele.  On one side of the postcards you can see the utensils and ingredients necessary to cook each recipe and on the other side […]

Le forme della carta

“Le forme delle carte” is a paper catalog for design students and recent graduates.  It is composed of 4 categories of paper and a brochure that guides the user to find the paper with the thickness, folds and printing qualities best suited for their project needs. The design emerges from the typographical forms that paper […]

When it rains

How many times have you been caught in a storm without an umbrella? How many times have you walked behind someone wishing they would share their shelter from the rain? Creatively playing off common architecture in the city of Milan, the umbrella provides a symbol for cooperation and sharing in times of difficulty.

Alice in Wonderland

This project was completed in a “promotional pieces” workshop where each designer selected a different filmdirector and created promotional movie pieces reflecting their particular style. The director Michel Gondry was selected along with the movie, “Alice In Wonderland.” The graphic design of the project emerges using calligraphy to reflect a world of wonder and imagination. […]

De donde vienen las tormentas

This is an artistic collaboration between the musician Mark Webb with the Dominican Poet, Angel Pichardo Almonte. The CD packaging is a single graphic piece that contains the song lyrics. There, the silhouettes of the artists join in a manner reflecting their artistic partnership. Client: Mark Webb | Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana.

EMI classics

In need of a graphic identity for the release of the remastered works of 20 of the most important artists in classical music, EMI solicited ideas from students at the Polytechnic Design School of Milan. The above work juxtaposes the artistic expression of classical music with the contemporary technology of the remasterization process. The result […]


A portfolio is a physical or digital document that brings together the work done by design students at the end of each semester.  “Cortafolio” (coming from the spanish verb “cortar” or “to cut”) is a poster with removable tabs that share the date and the time of the public presentation of the artist’s portfolio. Two […]